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Angie Buran's Mind & Magic

Angie Buran's Mind & Magic is a special store dedicated to the themes of witchcraft and magic. The offerings include natural products, tea, crystals, incense, cards, jewelry, voodoo, pagan items, and much more - but you can also learn witchcraft and magic here.

Angie Buran´s Mind & Magic

In Angie Buran´s Mind & Magic can you find different products like nature products, tea, crystals, incense,  naturprodukter, the, krystaller, røgelse, cards, jewelry, voodoo, pagan, Wicca, and much more. Additionally, there is also an academy here where one can learn witchcraft and magic. Treatments, sessions, and workshops on spells, tarot cards, astrology, herbs, and much more can also be booked. You can also find a small cosy café here.

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