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Angling stay at Event4U

Event4U offers an all-inclusive stay that includes accommodation in their holiday homes, local angler information, and all the amenities needed for angling, including a cleaning station, drying area, and freezer capacity.

If you are into nature and angling Event4U offers an all-in-one stay, that includes accommodation in their holiday homes, local angler information, as well as everything that goes with angling facilities, including a cleaning table, drying area and freezer capacity.

Event4U is angler certified by Havørred Limfjorden and is of this reason perfect as provider, hence guiding you in the best as possible way during your stay. Come and visit one of the several hundred well-known fishing spots in the Limfjord - because the Limfjord is known for its wealth of different fish species, where you can fish th entire year round. There are especially good opportunities to catch sea trout, but also herring in shoals, mackerel, flatfish, sea bream, mullet and many more.

The Limfjord is the land of opportunities for fishing, as it is said that this particular fjord contains more than several fjords in Denmark combined. The Limfjord can be considered a huge channel with several flowing fjords so fishing, from water to land with large open expanses, small coves, as well as bays in both deep and shallow water with and without stagnant water, can be found here in the area.

Even before your stay, you can go exploring at Havørred Limfjorden, for discovering some of the well-known fishing spots in the Limfjord.



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