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On the outermost tip of Christian Lange’s square at Engholmene, you’ll find the small wine bar Anløbet. With its unique location right by the harbour, Anløbet is the perfect spot to grab a glass of wine outdoors.

In a church-like house at Engholmene in Sydhavnen, the small wine bar Anløbet has found its home. The bar serves wine on glass, beers, coffee, and snacks; everything can be enjoyed outside with the beautiful view of the Copenhagen harbourfront. The wine bar is easily accessible with the harbour bus, where you must get off at the “Enghave Brygge” stop.

The white building originates from 1923 and oozes history. The building was initially used as a water supplier and was called The Drowning House by the public. The house was later removed from its original location when the construction of the new neighbourhood Engholmene began, but only on the condition that they re-enacted it again. And with its new location right by the dock, Anløbet is a true pleasure to the eye and stands with its historical ambience as a contrast to the modern buildings.

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