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Art Tower 10 - Britt Smelvær - the ocean gives, the ocean takes

This tower draws attention to the fishing industry and living close to the sea.

The ocean gives - the ocean takes

Langeland has a coastline of 139 kilometers and three ports - Bagenkop, Ristinge and Spodsbjerg.

In art tower 10, Britt Smelvær draws attention to this profession and to living close to the sea. Here the fishermen took up their catch from the sea's food pantry. Today, there are no fish in the sea around Langeland as there was in the past. The tower will be a reminder of how vulnerable the sea is. On the surface it looks clean and quiet, but we have polluted the sea, as we have also done on land.

"In Bagenkop I found fishing nets. In Spodsbjerg I found ruses. I had a rionet welded together in the size of the tower and in my barn I did the processing for installation in tower no. 10. With the help of Langeland El, I had reinforcement foils installed on the walls and fixed the rionett", explains Britt Smelvær.

Art Towers of Langeland - A completely unique way to experiencing art
In Denmark’s Longest Lasting Art Exhibition spread out on 12 different towers, you can explore the many facets of art and see how different artist meeet the challenge, when the ”gallery” measures 1,5m x 1,5m and 8m to the ceiling!
No matter which season you come, you can visit the towers, since they are open all year round. We would actually encourage you to visit the in different seasons, because there is a difference between the experience on a summerday or a day in fall or the winter.


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