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Asmild Church

Asmild Church is one of Denmark's oldest churches that is still in use. Located near Viborg, this church has a rich history and a special atmosphere that attracts visitors from near and far.

Historical significance

Asmild Church has been a bishopric since around 1060. Among the most famous bishops is Gunner, who co-authored the Jutlandic Law. His importance to the area is commemorated with a statue by the car park. South of Asmild Church was an Augustinian monastery, and the church served as both monastery church and parish church until the Reformation.

Architectural gems

The church was originally a three-nave church with two towers, but today only the walls of the centre nave remain. There is a small museum in the tower room that provides a fascinating insight into the history and architecture of the church.

Asmild Monastery Garden

In 1998, Asmild Monastery Garden was created. This garden contains a collection of well-known plants used from 1100-1400. Visit the garden to experience the historical plants and gain an insight into medieval botany.

Peace and reflection

Asmild Church not only offers historical insights, but also an opportunity for peace and reflection. Here you can enjoy the silence and special atmosphere that characterises this old but still vibrant place.

Practical information

Asmild Church is located close to Viborg and is easily accessible by car. During the winter months the church is open on request, while during the summer months it is open during normal working hours at the cemetery. Come and experience a part of Denmark's history that is still alive today.

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