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Atze Peng

Atze Peng is old Berlin slang meaning "good friend." And the Atze Peng bar in Vesterbro will quickly become your good friend. With well-considered cocktails and a cosy atmosphere, you'll be back.

There are many exciting things at Atze Peng. Whether it's the bartenders who can explain in detail their own homemade syrups, the exciting cocktails you'll never forget, the impressive bar or the giant block of ice that gets smaller and smaller throughout the evening, you'll never get bored. Going to Atze Peng is more of an experience than a trip to the bar.

That said, there's no doubt that their cocktails are sublimely executed. Nothing is left to chance and all ingredients are carefully selected. Whether your favorite cocktail is a bitter or a sweet bomb, it can all be found at Atze Peng.

In addition to cocktails, there is a large selection of other drinks. Their beer selection is particularly impressive, where you can also find quality beers to match your needs.

The only thing to be aware of with Atze Peng is that you can't just grab a quick drink - you won't want to leave! It feels like a personalized experience all the way through, and what could be better than that feeling?

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