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Avnsø in Østerskov near Silkeborg

Avnsø is a small lake that is almost hidden in Østerskov near Silkeborg. It is possible to row directly into the lake from Brassø via Klüvers Kanal, a narrow canal that is now almost overgrown.

Holger Danskes glasses

Avnsø is a side valley of the Gudenåen river and is shaped like a pair of lorgnettes, which are glasses with a nose clip, and has been called Holger Danskes Briller.

The lake was previously a closed lake, but in 1863 Skovridder Klüver dug a canal that opened up for tourists to sail into the lake. Initially, Klüver didn't have permission to do so, and today the canal is almost hidden by trees, with a small wooden bridge providing pedestrian access across the canal.

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