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Banana hunt at Lalandia

Now you can go on a fun banana hunt in Søndervig and Lalandia with the whole family

Monky Tonky has lost a lot of bananas in the Lalandia area, but luckily you can help the forgetful monkey.
Take the family on a fun banana hunt and learn a lot about Søndervig along the way.
Take a good look around - who will find a banana first? The bananas are well hidden, and both young and old are needed to search for the yellow treats.

Start by picking up your map at Sport & Fun. Sport & Fun is open daily. Opening hours can be found on the Lalandia website here
Write down your answers on the sheet and before long you'll be well on your way to finding the secret word. The secret word triggers a prize in Sport & Fun.

There's lots to discover in Søndervig and Lalandis, so if the children don't have enough patience to find all the bananas on the same day, you can resume the hunt the next day.

Opening hours: (card collection and prize collection)

  • The 31st of January - 25th of February
  • The 14th of March - 1st of September
  • The 23rd of September - 17th of November
  • The 23rd of December - 5th of January

Please note that there are more opening hours for Sport & Fun than shown below.
See either the above opening periods or see more here

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