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Batting Bakery

On Ordrupvej in Charlottelund is the family-run bakery, Batting Bakery. A local treasure trove that is already a firm favourite among local residents. So, to get a beautiful bun or two, you’ll need to get out of bed early.

The early bird catches the.. bread. Especially if it’s from Batting Bakery. You can pre-order over the phone if you need a little something extra for your breakfast table. 

Few bakeries today can boast of having an in-house bakery. But that’s the case at Batting Bakery, where owner Lars Batting grinds his own sieve flour from Øland wheat. 

All products used in the bakery are organic and biodynamic, and most of the bread is naturally fermented. This dramatically impacts the rising time - some bread must rise for up to 20 hours. 

Remember something for your coffee - they often have delicious almond croissants, tea biscuits and several types of Spandau.

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