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Bed and Breakfast Villa Grande Hadsten

Villa Grande is a charming Bed and Breakfast located in Hadsten, centrally located between Aarhus and Randers, right in the heart of Jutland. This well-maintained property was founded in the 1970s and has been preserved in its original and authentic style.

Luxury en-suite rooms

Villa Grande in Hadsten welcomes you to four exclusive rooms, all equipped with en-suite bathrooms. Treat yourself to relax in the beautiful, spacious backyard, enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace or challenge your skills in a game of pool in the entertaining games room.

Villa Grande serves a homemade breakfast on request and offers ample space to relax. Go for a bike ride, explore the nearby forest or take a trip to the centre of Hadsten and discover the charming town centre with shops, cafés and cultural centre.

The ideal location also makes it easy to take a short train journey to both Aarhus and Randers.

Open all year round.

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