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The Bird Observation Tower on Knudshoved

From the bird observation tower you get a fantastic view of Østerø Lake and it is an ideal vantage point for observing birds. The bird observation tower on Knudshoved is located in an internationally protected Natura 2000 area, which means that the entire surrounding area is protected, including the lake.

From the parking lot you can follow a nature trail to the bird observation tower at Østerø Lake without disturbing the birds. In the tower there are information boards about the most common birds. It is possible to see Black-headed gull, Commen terns and Pied avocet as well as lots of ducks, swans and geese.

The lake and the surrounding salt marshes are of great importance as a breeding and foraging area for many ducks and waders.

Birds migrating south often come to the site, partly because they follow the bridge when crossing the Great Belt. At the old ferry port in the autumn there are good opportunities for, among other things, to see buzzards on their way south.

The entire area is protected and the central part around Østerø Lake is an internationally protected Natura 2000 area, which means that there are strict requirements for preserving of the nature in the area.

There are several different hiking routes and paths in the area. Please be aware that during the breeding season there is limited access via "transverse" connecting paths. All year round there is full access on the long route, which is approx. 4.6 km.

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