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Bjerre Kød

This butcher’s shop with proud traditions is located in the village Bjerre near Horsens. Here, you can look forward to high quality meat – the animals are handpicked at local farms and butchered in own slaughterhouse. All products are handmade from scratch.

For everyone who loves great meat

At Bjerre Kød they combine professional competence with passion and traditions. They handle the entire process themselves from handpicking livestock from local farms to slaughter and production which is quite evident when you taste the product. In the shop you will find a great selection of meat products from beef to veal, poultry, pork, and lamb. All products are handmade and homemade.

Sausages, salamis, ham, and bacon is smokes in Bjerre Meat’s 80-year-old smoker. The smoker stands out from more modern electric smokers when it comes to the type of wood being used and production time. Salami is smoked for four weeks at Bjerre Meat which creates a unique taste experience.


Mouthwatering steaks and cold meat

The selection of meat products is quite comprehensive at Bjerre Meat. No matter if you are looking for legs of lamb, beef tenderloin, duck breast, or turkey schnitzel, you can find it here.

They are particularly well-known for their smoked products, including cold meat and sausages. There are many different available types – and there will most certainly be products that match your preferences that you have never tasted before.

At the website of Bjerre Kød, you can get an overview of the many products that you can purchase in the shop.


Visit the webshop

Bjerre Kød’s webshop provides an opportunity to order products in advance for pick-up in the store. You can book anything from individual products to barbecue menus, salads, and other accompaniment. A selection of the store’s popular meat products can also be ordered with delivery to your home or holiday home.

Bjerre Kød also offers catering – in the webshop you can book smørrebrød (open Danish sandwiches) and tapas boards that you can pick up at the store when you need food for a party or just a quick lunch on the go.


A part of the Kystlandet food map

Bjerre Kød is one of many local food manufacturers that produce quality products packed with local identuity, heart, and soul. With the Kystlandet food map, you can find inspiration for farm shops and local manufacturers that each create great taste experiences.

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