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Blåbjerg Plantation

Blaabjerg plantation has a very exciting nature. There is dunes, coast, "mountains", moor, oak scrubs and plantation. You may also be lucky enough to see some of the deer that also live in the plantation.

In the dune plantation Blåbjerg Klitplantage, you find Denmark’s highest dune “Det blå bjerg” (Blue mountain). With an elevation of 64m above sea level, you have a great view of the area. Several marked hiking trails start in Blåbjerg and one of them passes “Løvklitten” (Leaf dune) with several hundred-year old oaks, which in the course of time have been covered in shifting sand. The grove that today includes individual small crippled oaks, used to have the same root. You can clearly tell during bud break, where the groups of oaks sprout at different times. From Løvklitten, you can go to Gråmulebjerg and see an approx. 30m high dune, offering a spectacular view of the lighthouse Blåvandshuk Fyr in the south, the lighthouse Nr. Lyngvig Fyr in the north, the sea in the west and Filsø Lake in the east. In the plantation Blåbjerg Klitplantage, you can further see sanded meadows when walking on the marked trail starting at the Blåbjerg parking area.

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