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Bølling Lake

The beautiful Bølling Lake is about 20 km away. 360 hectares and was created in the last ice age for about 10,000 years ago. In the 1870s, the lake was dehydrated and converted into farmland, but this did not give the desired result, since the soil prooved not profitable. However, a lot of peat was dug in the moor. In recent years, the lake has been restored and is Denmark's third largest nature re-establishing project.

The area around the lake is unique and invites to walks. The parking lot at Kragelundsvej to Bølling Sø is 4.4 km away. You have to go back the same way, so you have to expect approx. 2 hours time for the route. From Bøllingsøgårdvej there is a 3 km long hiking trail.


After drainage in the 1870s, an extensive peat industry emerged, which was of great importance during the World Wars. At the lake there were about 50 peat factories, of which you still can see many traces. The last factory in Klosterlund was shut down in 1970. When the last peatlayer had been removed, they tried to use the land for agriculture, especially for grazing. However, the drainage was not effective and in the 1940s was drained in even deeper layers, as the ground had settled.

Just beside Bølling Sø, you will find Klosterlund Museum, which tells the story about the peat industry. 

The find of the Tollundman

The Tollundman is one of the best-preserved prehistoric people in the world. He was found on Saturday, May 6, 1950 in a bog near Bjældskovdal, near Bølling Sø. The discovery was made by two farmers and their family digging for peat. They thought it must have been a victim of a recent murder, because it looked so good.

Listen to the exciting story and see the Tollundman exhibited in the Silkeborg Museum.


From the shore or kayak or canoe, fishing is free - assuming you have the danish Fiskekort. However, it is only allowed to fish with one rod in the western half of the lake. The border is marked by rocky reefs, where once the high voltage pylons were. At the western end is a small boat. In the lake there is a beautiful stock of pike and perch.

Hiking and biking trails

There is a marked trail of about 12 kilometers that goes around the lake. There are footbridges in the wettest places. The tour is suitable for hiking and cycling, unfortunately, for disabled guests this tour is not suitable. The route is marked with yellow arrows.

There is also a marked tour around the Skallerund Sø, west of the lake along the Skygge Å and across the valley from the highway 13 to Stenholt Skov is a marked trail. In Stenholt Skov there are several hiking trails.

Running Tracks

The tour around Bølling Sø is a good and very popular running track - also in connection with the running competitions and the sports day of the Danish schools on the last day before the autumn holidays. It is just over 12 kilometers around the lake.

There is also a nice route around the Skallerund lake. However, this is not marked and can be quite wet in some places.

Along the north-west of the lake is a hiking and running route with connection to the A13 and Klosterlundvej. The route is not marked.

Bird Watching

Around the Bølling Lake you find a rich bird life - especially in the eastern half, which is protected. Around the lake there are many suitable viewpoints with easy access and easy parking. Among other things, the winding place at the western end of the lake (13a). The parking lot at the end of Bøllingsøgårdvej north of the lake - here is an artificial bird island called Sandøen. (13b). Tollundbakken in Ellingvej / Femørsvej (13c) and in the south of the lake (13d) sewage treatment plant. Read more at dofbasen.dk


Near the lake, there are several shelters where it is allowed to spend a single night. It is not possible to make a reservation - first come, first serve. On the Dværgbakken west of the lake, there is a tent area with access to toilets (12a). South of the lake near Engesvang is a shelter with a campfire site (12b). North of the lake is a shelter (12c), and east of the lake is a primitive shelter (12d). The latter two are located on the Hærvejens vandrerute, which runs east of Bølling Sø.

Dog Forest

The west of Skallerund Lake is a public dog forest. Otherwise, dogs have to be leashed.

Klode Mølle

Not far from the Bølling Sø is Klode Mølle situated. It is a mill from 1596 and known for the murder of the grinder Niels Jørgensen. Klode Mølle has also had a visit of King Frederik the 7th when he yet was a crown prince.

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