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Bording Kirke (Bording Church)

The new church in Bording was raised by the architect C.A. Winholt after the old church in Bording was torn down in the middle of the 18. century. Bording Church is a cruciform church, which means that the chorus is bold.

The altarpiece is from 1612. The story says the one was an apprentice and the other was a master. They each produces their own part of the piece. When looking at the two wings you can see a clear difference in the performance of the altarpiece. The right side and the left side of the altarpiece aren't similar. The right side was produces by the master and the left side by the apprentice. When seeing the finished piece they decided to keep the work of the apprentice. Therefore, the altarpiece brings the story that there is room for imperfection. 


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