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Break the Codes of War

Take an exciting journey back to 1940, when German troops crossed the Danish border. With the puzzle hunt "Crack the codes of war" in hand, you can experience the impact of the Second World War on everyday life in Hvide Sande

The mystery hunt requires everyone to work together. Use your skills to crack codes and solve mysteries - just like during the war when secret messages were crucial.
Teamwork was important then, and it's important now. Keep your eyes and ears open, use the newspaper and pay attention to even the smallest details.

Practical information
You can also buy the mystery hunt online and exchange your certificate for a mystery newspaper at Fiskeriets Hus. The mysteries can be picked up during the museum's opening hours, but can be solved whenever you want.

The mystery hunt starts at Fiskeriets Hus in Hvide Sande and takes place outdoors: Nørregade 2b, 6960 Hvide Sande.
The entire route is accessible for people with walking difficulties and wheelchair users.

Price: DKK 250 for a mystery hunt incl. 1 mystery newspaper. We recommend that you are 2-6 people for 1 mystery newspaper

The mystery hunt is available in both Danish and German. The mystery hunt is aimed at families with children and couples. It is recommended that 2-6 people crack the codes together.

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