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A brisk walk in Torup - Eco-village and fields

Explore the picturesque Eco-community Dyssekilde on this 4.5 km hike in Torup, which takes you through open landscapes and offers birdlife and local farm shops on the outskirts of the National Park Royal North Zealand.

This 4.5 km hike follows a signposted route set up by the residents of Torup in collaboration with the organization "Spor." The tour takes you through the Eco-community Dyssekilde along field boundaries to the farm shop at Engmosegaard. You follow Sverkilstrupvej / Haldvejen back to Dyssekilde Station.

A tour where you experience birdlife and nature up close. This tour is right on the edge of the North Zealand National Park Kongernes Nordsjælland and takes you through the open landscapes of the Halsnæs peninsula and past farms and grain fields in the area around Dyssekilde - Denmark's first ecological village.

Here the tour begins

The tour starts from Dyssekilde Station. It's not your ordinary station! You can stock up on books there, rent a bike, or take a walk at their very popular food market Torup Marked.

The market is open on Saturdays in odd weeks during the summer months. On market days, you can also join a guided tour of the Eco-community Dyssekilde. In 1990, there was just a potato field here; today, there are 200 residents in 91 households who share their daily lives and thoughts on living more in harmony with nature.

Follow the signs with the yellow arrow

Already at the train station square, you'll encounter the first sign that says "Spor," followed by a yellow arrow on a green background. The route is well-signposted back to the station. The first sign leads you through Dyssekilde. Follow the signs through the village along Stjernerne Street, and turn right onto Solen Street until you reach the shop Taraxacum and Torup Spisehus (eatery) at the central parking lot.

Follow Mælkevej Street through the parking lot and the equipment yard, which is a place on the outskirts of the village, just before you enter the green area, where you just have to turn left. Then you pass through the vegetable gardens and the small lake Dyssekær, and then there are signs showing out along the field.

Field boundaries, lakes, and small paths

On the tour, a new sign appears, leading to Halsninoen, a lovely hike around Halsnæs. You are now walking along field boundaries and cross 2 roads on the way before you reach the two small lakes and follow the boundary to the right until the path ends at Sverkilstrupvej. There are benches along the way so you can enjoy a break and maybe witness one of the many bird migrations passing over Halsnæs.

Visit the farmshop Engmosegaard

After peeking into Engmosegaard, you can either take the path back or walk along Sverkilstrupvej / Haldvejen through Torup back to Dyssekilde Station.

Facts about the tour

  • Surface: Gravel in Dyssekilde, asphalt on the road, and in the fields, you should be prepared for the ground to be moist and holey.
  • Length: The route is 4.5 km long.
  • The tour is suitable for children, adults, and dogs on a leash.
  • Signage: The route is marked with "Spor" signs.
  • Toilets: There are no toilets along the way.
  • Weather conditions: A dry and preferably windless day would be preferable.
  • Season: April to October, as the fields get wet in winter.

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