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At BrygEvent/BrygSelv you have the opportunity to brew your very own beer or cider with family, colleagues or your significant other. And in about 2.5 hours, you can call yourselves brewmasters!

We offer a unique experience where you use teamwork and communication to create your next beer together. The experience starts with a tasting of our different beers, where you choose the one you can't make without. You'll then be given a recipe and our brewmasters will show you to your brew pot, and then the adventure begins!

Our brewmasters are available throughout the brewing process and are ready to answer any questions you may have! Plus, as a little bonus, our flavour taps are open throughout the brewing process, so you won't leave thirsty.

Should you get hungry along the way, we've got that covered too! You can visit our brewery café where we serve barbecue food such as sausages, currywurst and sausage mix. If you're not looking for a big meal, we also have some crisps.

When your brewing is finished, a tapping date must be agreed. You need to tap your own beer, which takes place at least 14 days after brewing. At this point, you'll return to us to bottle or can your beer, after which it's ready to drink.

You'll also design your own labels and put them on your bottles/cans to make them unique!

See you at BrewYour Own Beer at BrygEvent!

NOTE: Regarding tapping - if you are coming from far away or have more than two brews, we offer to tap and pasteurise your beer and then send it by courier. Then you only have to come once for the event itself.

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