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Bundsbæk Mølle

The hollyhocks are blooming at the historic Bundsbæk Mill, and a group of dedicated local volunteers are ready to welcome visitors. Here you can experience the old watermill in action, watch the blacksmiths at work at the ash, and enjoy a cup of coffee in the cosy mill rooms

A visit to Bundsbæk Mølle is like travelling back in time. The watermill spins merrily as water splashes over the mill wheel. Inside, the gears squeak and creak as the millstones grind the grain into flour. Volunteer millers are happy to talk about the construction and history of the mill.

See the blacksmith's art and haymaking in the meadow
In the old smithy, you can experience Vestjysk Smedelaug working at the red-hot forge, shaping everything from nails to horseshoes. At Møllerens Eng, the museum's volunteer haymaking guild works to cut hay with a scythe, turn it with a hand rake and gather it into haystacks. Maintaining the meadow in the traditional way requires careful care and hard work.

Go for a walk in Bundsbæk Nature Park
If you're looking for an experience in the Danish countryside, Bundsbæk Mølle is located in the beautiful Bundsbæk Nature Park. Here you can take a walk along the mill stream and experience different types of nature such as bog, meadow, heath and forest. Collect porc for homemade spiced schnapps and admire the beautiful orchids at Møllerens Eng.

In the footsteps of the rascals
You can also choose to take a walk on the rakker trail and learn about the rakkers who lived on the margins of society. The Rakkers helped the executioner, emptied outhouses and removed dead animals. The Rakker Trail takes you through the area where the last Rakker families in West Jutland lived until 1932 and down to Rakkerhuset, a reconstruction of the original house. Here you can gain insight into their unique lifestyle and parallel society.

Volunteers keep Bundsbæk Mølle open
Ringkøbing Fjord Museums greatly appreciate the efforts of the local volunteers who make it possible to keep Bundsbæk Mølle open to the public. Their commitment ensures that visitors can experience the mill's unique atmosphere and history. The museum also works with FrivilligVest to recruit volunteers for the coffee room. Bundsbæk Mølle offers a rich and varied experience where history and nature go hand in hand. Come and experience this unique piece of cultural heritage, kept alive by passionate local volunteers

Part of Ringkøbing Fjord Museer

Bundsbæk Mølle is part of Ringkøbing Fjord Museums, which brings history to life at 10 museums and attractions by Ringkøbing Fjord. Read more at www.ringkobingfjordmuseer.dk.

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