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Busbjerg Hilltop

Experience Busbjerg, a hill and moorland located between Ulstrup and Bjerringbro, just a short drive from Randers and Aarhus. With its impressive height of 92 metres, you'll be rewarded with stunning views of the beautiful Gudenådal valley. This scenic area has retained its unique character over millennia and is an experience not to be missed.


Busbjerg is home to a special flora and fauna that enriches this scenic destination. Here you can see Denmark's only tarantula, the wallpaper spider, which lives in colonies on warm, south-facing slopes and thrives in the dry and hilly landscape. Unfortunately, its population is threatened by the eagle fern, which has taken over large parts of the area. In addition, you may also encounter the impressive giant huntsman spider.

Busbjerg also offers a rich biodiversity of butterflies, including the field pearl butterfly, ochre yellow spotted butterfly and the changeable blue butterfly.

Heathland and plant life

As a typical heathland landscape, Busbjerg is characterised by heather, which in summer colours the landscape in beautiful shades of violet. On the hill you can also find a diversity of plants such as juniper, heather, bramble, blueberry, lingonberry and bell heather. Below the hill on the northern side is a small, fine spring that harbours a wealth of different mosses.

Preserving the unique landscape

Today, Busbjerg is carefully tended by a flock of sheep that help preserve the characteristic landscape of the moorland by preventing forest growth. This ensures that visitors can continue to enjoy the wonderful openness and expansive views.

Practical information

Location: Between Ulstrup and Bjerringbro in Favrskov
Access: Public access to the area, suitable for hiking and nature experiences

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