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Camp school Gendarme Path - with nature in centre

Camp school Gendarme Path is located southeast of the town of Broager next to Vemmingbund, the Flensburg outer Fjord and Sønderborg Bay in the area called Broager Land.

The camp school has a fantastic view over Sønderborg Bay. You can a.o. from the dining room look over to Dybbøl Mill, eye some of the historic ramparts and look into Sønderborg city.

The property has a large outdoor area attached to the site, which provides many opportunities for outdoor activities in the form of football, volleyball, campfires at the campfire site and activities in the area's forest. Limited only by imagination.

There is room for 100 people spread over the more than 1200 sqm.

Drengegangen (Boys' corridor) with room for 38 people consists of 2 rooms with private shower and toilet and eight rooms without. At the end of the hallway, there are 3 toilets and 6 showers for shared use.

Værkstedsgangen (Workshop corridor) with room for 28 people consists of 1 room with private shower and toilet and 7 rooms without. At the end of the hallway, there are 3 toilets and 4 showers for shared use.

Pigegangen (Girls corridor) with room for 22 people consists of 6 rooms without shower and toilet - however with 2 toilets and 1 shower in the hallway.

The common area is located centrally with fantastic views over the field and with direct access down to Sønderborg Bay. The kitchen is a well-equipped and very useful industrial kitchen with 4 hotplates, oven, dishwasher, mixer and coffee machine.

From the industrial kitchen, there is access to the dining room, where it is possible to cover up to 100 people.

At the top of the building, there is a common room that can be used for e.g. card games, community gathering and much more. Here you will also find a room filled with mattresses, which can be used for extra sleeping space or for ordinary camp school fun. It is up to you!

The Villa - right next to the main building - has room for 12 people and consists of 3 rooms, a small communal kitchen and a beautiful living room. The Villa has 1 bathroom with a toilet and shower.

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