Camper Parking at Bogense Marina

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Vestre Havnevej

5400 Bogense


Téléphone:6481 2115

Bogense Marina offers lovely caravan parking spots right at the end of the quay with an unbeatable view of the many ships at the marina and next to the Kattegat. There is room for 6 camper vans.

There are tables and benches at the parking spot, and along the qauy towards the marina there are several tables and benches as well as a barbecue area.

Price; 150, - per night to be paid to Bogense Marina.

How to find the place:

Drive up to Vestre Havnevej. After Vestre Havnevej 29A, turn left on the road towards Sejlerkajen. Here you will find a sign pointing to the camper site at the very end of the quayside.


Vestre Havnevej

5400 Bogense


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