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Camping Bramslev Bakker

Bramslev Bakker Camping is situated in the beautiful nature of Bramslev Bakker, offering a fantastic view of Mariager Fjord - both out towards the fjord and over the town of Hobro, which is only a 5-minute drive away

Bramslev Bakker Camping is created to provide guests with a nature experience and is ideal for those seeking tranquility and excellent facilities.

By the fjord at the foot of Bramslev Bakker, there is a beautiful beach with a bathing bridge and the white bathing water flag with a blue star, indicating the water's quality. In the hills, sheep graze, and in spring, there are sweet little lambs.

The campsite offers good facilities and pitches ranging from 100-200 m2, surrounded by bushes ensuring a good distance to neighbors. This means there is plenty of space even for large caravans with awnings, as well as a car, etc. If you prefer a different type of holiday than a caravan, camper, or regular tent, then Bramslev Bakker is the place for you!

Viping - Glamping like a Viking

In spring 2023, a new holiday concept was introduced: "Viping," a combination of "Viking" and "Camping," is a completely new holiday concept at Bramslev Bakker.

Viping is designed to attract guests from near and far to this beautiful region in Denmark. Behind this exciting concept are IT director Mads Hedegaard and artist Jim Lyngvild, whose vision is to offer guests a luxurious experience in modern Viking surroundings amidst unique nature.

Viping holidays are offered in several forms, including:

  • Viping Supreme: where you sleep in a luxury tent of 28 m2 with an unobstructed view of the starry sky and an exclusive location overlooking Mariager Fjord.
  • Viping Star: similar to the above but with a different location on the site. You still get a well-appointed luxury tent of 28 m2 with an unobstructed view of the starry sky.
  • Viping Sleep: a more simply furnished tent of 19 m2, still with an unobstructed view of the starry sky and a comfortable bed.

All the above tents are equipped with comfortable beds, seating, and a desk – all with subtle nods to our common Viking heritage.

Bramslev Bakker Camping also offers companies the opportunity to book training sessions, summer parties with the "Modern Viking Experience."

For those attending events at Restaurant Bramslev Bakker or the nearby Hotel BramslevGaard, Bramslev Bakker Camping provides accommodation at their summer hotel, where up to 50 tents can be set up.

An Area in the Midst of Extraordinary Nature

With the Panorama route right outside the tent, you are only a few steps away from a fantastic hiking experience. The Panorama route is a 10 km circular tour and is actually Denmark's first certified Premium Hiking Route, certified by the prestigious Deutsche Wanderinstitut. In 2023, the route has been re-certified, earning even more points.

The route starts right where you want it to. If you start at Bramslev Bakker, you can choose to walk along the water towards Hobro and take the hills back, or vice versa. The route is a loop, so the experiences are not the same on the way out as on the way back.

Follow the white arrows to complete the entire route - there are also shorter circular routes covering distances down to 2.3 km.

Read more about the Panorama route [here](insert link).

Experiences Abound

Is 10 km not long enough? Then combine a hike of about 5-6 km to Hobro Harbor and hop on the tour boat Svanen, which docks below Bramslev Bakker throughout the summer.

On the outskirts of Hobro, you'll also find one of the five Viking ring forts that Harald Bluetooth established in the year 980. At Viking Fortress Fyrkat, you can experience a piece of Denmark's fascinating Viking history. There's a reconstructed longhouse, a museum, and a Viking village with live workshops and "real" Vikings throughout the summer.

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