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Can you find all the stones on the Square

The stones on the Square
The old town square has been renovated in Nyborg. In connection with the renovation of the square, some special and unique stones have been laid in the pavement. There are two different kinds of stones: Numeric motives stones and stones with relief carvings 

The numeric stones were used to mark where the merchants had to set up their stalls on the town square. Some of these stones have been found during the excavation of the square, while others have been donated by the citizens of the city.

The relief stones depict various knight motifs. They have been custom made for the square by the artist Jens Bohr. The relief stones tell of the square's earliest use as a tournament venue.
Can you find all the unique stones?


A brief history of the Square

Originally a collection of farms were built in the middle of Nyborg, opposite the castle, . In 1551, Christian III (1503-1559) bought the entire area, demolished the buildings and built a tournament venue.

Knight tournaments were held on the tournament venue in connection with the king's large court parties at Nyborg Castle.

The square was no longer used for tournaments during the reign of Frederik II (1534-1588) and the king handed it over to the citizens of Nyborg.

From that point on and until the mid-1960s the square was used for markets. The square was the place where the citizens shopped for meat, fruits or vegetables.

Stricter control of the markets began to emerge at the end of the 19th century and 100 permanent spaces for the stalls were set up in the square. Each space was marked with a numeric stone. A merchant needed to purchase a space by a numeric stone if they wanted to set up a stall.

In the first half of the 20th century, one could find every kinds of goods on the market, and people traveled from all over the local area to trade.

However, trade patterns developed over time and in 1963 the square was converted into a parking lot.

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