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Christianshavns Bådudlejning og Café

Are you both hungry, thirsty and thrilled by a great view with water? Then you should visit "Christianshavns Bådudlejning og Café", which challenges the classic restaurant experience with a traditional Danish pub atmosphere and world-class location!

On Christianshavns Canal at the very end of Knippelsbro, you can find a small green wooden cabin - this cabin houses "Christianshavns Bådudlejning og Café" which has been operating as a rowing boat hire, café and music venue since 1905. In cosy surroundings with a direct view of the water, you can enjoy both lunch and dinner from a bistro-inspired menu. If you're thirsty rather than hungry, you can also settle for a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a beer from a local Christianshavn brewery.

Copenhagen is a city surrounded by water - at this houseboat café you can combine your restaurant visit with a cosy day on the water. While you enjoy the relaxed but lively surroundings, keep an eye out for the many boats passing by on the canal. You might be lucky enough to get a smile or a wave from one of the many canal tours!

You can enjoy the Danish summer at its finst on the sunny deck filled with happy people and holiday spirit on warm days. In winter, traditional Danish delicacies such as 'æbleskiver', 'gløgg' or hot chocolate with whipped cream are served in the intimate ‘winter hut’, and concerts here move indoors.

During both periods, you can be sure that the relaxed and open pub atmosphere shines through. The venue cherishes the many musicians who come to sing and dance - who knows if they'll stick around for a few pints afterwards. The open deck invites you to socialise with already known and new friends, as does the indoor cabin, where the warm and cosy décor invites you to relax and unwind.

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