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The Clover paths in Skørping

The four paths in Skørping will take you on interesting and beautiful walks in the area, and explore some of the local history. All routes start at Kulturstationen in Skørping. You can find a map of the four clover paths in Skørping here. The map is only in Danish.

You can use the free app ‘Endomondo’ to guide you through the four walks. You will only need your smartphone and the app. 

Length and description of the different walks:

The Green route (2.6 km) - The Sanatorium path

The path, which lies at the western side of Skørping, takes you through forest and marshland to the old sanatorium, which is used as a private hospital today. 

You start at Kulturstationen, following Egholmsvej down to Otterup Mose, which supplied the city and the sanatorium with peat until after WW2. You can still see some of the old peat pits in the area. Afterwards, walking through the forest you will pass the cabins of The Yellow Scouts and foresters house Hollandshus. At the end of the path you will find the Sanatorium. It was built in 1904 as a tuberculosis sanatorium, it is an elegant building with a rich history. From here you can walk on Himmerlandsvej, back to Skørping and Kulturstationen. 

The Blue route (approx. 5 km) - Path in remembrance of Peter

This path begins at Kulturstationen and follows the path close to the train tracks, to Hanehøj. The area is named after a burial mound north east of Skørping. This area was given to Skørping municipality in 1963 by the butcher Pedersen and his wife in memory of their son Peter, who, tragically, was killed in a car accident. It is a beautiful area, with a scout hut, a small lake and ‘‘purkerbøge’’, beech trees with several trunks which twist and bend. The path continues towards the southern end of Skørping, where you will pass Skørping church. You should go inside and see the beautiful altarpiece, which is made of glass. From the church you can take Jyllandsgade back to Kulturstationen.  

The Red route (7 km) - The Fern Lake path

This path is only partially marked, as parts of the route take you through forest that is administered by the Danish Nature Agency, and at this part there will be no markings. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Endomondo app or a map. The path starts at Kulturstationen and goes under the railway, to Skørping school. From here the route takes you into the forest and to Fern Lake. There is a bench to sit down and enjoy the view over the lake. Then the path goes back into Skørping, passing Skørping church on the way. You can go inside the church to see the beautiful altarpiece, made of glass. From here there is only a short walk until you are back at Kulturstationen.  

The Black route (12 km) - Gl. Skørping path

This path takes you out of Skørping to Gl. Skørping and back, through some beautiful nature and hills. You can also bike this route, if you find walking too tiresome.  

The path begins at Kulturstationen, following the train tracks for a while, until you see the church. In the cemetary you can find the remains from a sacred well, which was believed to have healing effects. Continue through the city and out into the open countryside. You will pass Skørping waterworks and the Hanehøj burial mound. From here you can experience a beautiful view to all sides. On the way back to Kulturstationen, you will pass the Skørping riding school.

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