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The community centre Tambours Garden

The open construction interprets physical elements from traditional community centres: a handshake by the stairs, a flagpole, a lectern and associated benches. You can enter the sculpture, feel the floor vibrate and listen to the sound collage that draws inspiration from the history of community centres.

The sound collage features a number of songs written for the artwork, whose form is inspired by the Folk High School Songbook and the hymn tradition. Some contain broad themes about freedom, society and culture, while others are played at sunrise and sunset, for example. The songs and melodies appear in many shapes and colours, staging the work's constant alternation between the extremely concrete, almost recognisable and the unknown, yet strangely alluring. You'll hear a solemn church organ and new political hymns, trombone fanfares and communal singing, as well as distant voices from years gone by

The artists hope that the sound art experience will draw people out into nature and that the nature experience will introduce more people to sound art. Anyone can use the artwork as a meeting place, a stage, a lectern, an excursion destination or something completely different and fill it with their own activities, memories and experiences - just like traditional community centres. The sound from the artwork can be switched on and off, so the artwork can be used as a community centre in nature that can be the setting for your event or activity.

Forsamlingshuset is an art project across four municipalities in central and western Jutland, where a sound art installation has been erected in Hvide Sande, Oddesund, Skarrild and Tambours Have in Varde.

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