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Creative Workshop - Gammelbro Camping

With 200 m2 of workshop, divided into cosy sections and small corners, there are good chances to forget time and place

Gammelbro Krea is an experience in itself and one of the reasons why many families choose Gammelbro Camping for their holiday.
In the large, newly renovated creative workshop, children and adults alike can let their creativity and inspiration flow freely as they immerse themselves in creating their very own holiday memory.

Gammelbro Krea offers a wealth of different materials, techniques and fun ideas, and our skilled staff are on hand to offer expert guidance if you fancy trying something new. It is also possible to buy materials to take home from the Krea shop.

Remember to book in advance if you want to visit the workshop.
Guests of the campsite can use the workshop for free, they only pay for the materials. Outsiders are also welcome, the entrance fee is 30 DKK per person.

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