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Dark Sky spot - Fur (Bette Jenses Hyw)

Here you can experience the free 360-degree view, which also happens to be the highest point of the island Fur! If you lie down on top of the Bette Jenses Hyw, you will never miss a shooting star. At the same time, it is exactly here, where you can experience contrast between the city lights and the perfect darkness.

  • Well-adapted for experiencing: Milky Way, Meteor showers, Noctilucent Clouds, Moonrise, Moonset, Northern Lights

  • Facilities: Tables, benches

  • Parking: Bette Jenses Hyw parking


Dark Sky in the Limfjord's country will take you on a time travel through billions of stars, offer an ease for your souls and non the less create lots of unforgettable memories of the fascinating night sky phenomena.

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Being outside at night

It is our common responsibility to respect natural environment, especially as many animal species are active during night time. It is important to switch the light off, when there is no need for using it – doing this will help you to avoid affecting your night vision and others in the area. Remember not to leave anything but your footprints out in the nature.

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