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Det Grafiske Værksted in Hjørring

Experience original art prints in the workshop gallery and gain insight into the creative process at the print shop. Since 1970, Hjørring Grafisk Værksted has been publishing original graphics in collaboration with recognized artists from home and abroad.

In the old part of Hjørring, there is one of the few remaining lithographic workshops in Denmark. Artists from home and abroad live and work in the workshop, where they collaborate closely with the workshop's lithographic printer to publish new art prints.

In the gallery, located in connection with the print shop, you can experience a wide range of original art prints in exclusive editions. In the workshop's associated framing workshop, frames designed by the artists for the new art prints are handcrafted, which can also be experienced in the gallery.


Hjørring Grafisk Værksted was founded in 1970 when I. Chr. Sørensen's lithographic workshop moved from Copenhagen to Hjørring. I. Chr. Sørensen has trained and worked with significant graphic printers who have established workshops in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Paris. These include Carl Urwald (UM Grafik), Niels Borch Jensen, Peter Brahmsen (Editions Atelier Clot), Peter Johansen (Hostrup-Pedersen and Johansen), and Jan Anderson (Steinprent). Since 1985, the workshop has operated as an artist-run association, providing artists with the opportunity to experiment with graphic craftsmanship and expression. Today, the workshop has a solid local base and serves as a creative community for artists from North Jutland as well as artists from around the world.

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