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Det Lille Økori

Visit this cosy farm shop at an idyllic country home between Horsens and Hedensted. At Det Lille Økori you get a chance to experience a micro farm in its early stages where they dream big and focus on sustainability. Here you can always find freshly dug up vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, and microgreens.

Sustainable vegetables from farm to table

Sissel and Anders live in the small village of Stenderup where they produce vegetables and mushrooms. From their farm shop, they supply the local area with a varied selection of vegetables in season. From the small wooden shack, there is a nice view to the garden beds. All products are grown, harvested, washed, and prepared by the couple. Since the refrigerators of the farm shop are only a stone’s throw from the soil where the vegetables were dug up, you are guaranteed high quality ingredients that are fresh and nutritious.

On the shelves you can find (depending on the season) all the most common vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onion, and cabbage, but also herbs, mushrooms, and microgreens, which is tiny sprouts full of flavour and vitamins. Furthermore, the owners also sell home-pickled chili peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other things.

Det Lille Økori (The Little Organic Farm Shop) is open for self-service every day from 9 a.m.-9 p.m every day all year. You can pay cash or with the Danish payment app, MobilePay.

Only three kilometers from Det Lille Økori, at the Belvedere lay-by between Hedensted and Ølsted, you can visit their lovely, cosy pop-up roadside food stall which offers the same supply of products that you can find at the farm.


Events at the farm

During guided tours at the farm, you get the chance to hear about the couple’s journey towards becoming full-time vegetable farmers.  Here, they will show you the gardens, the greenhouses, and the method of cultivation applied. In the containers where they produce mushrooms, you will get a unique experience in a universe of its own.

Over the course of the year, workshops will be scheduled where you can learn to make your own mushroom cultivation bag that you get to take home with you. You will be able to see the bag come to life, until you are finally able to harvest your own mushrooms.

Keep an eye out for future events at Det Lille Økori’s social media accounts and the Kystlandet calendar where future events will be published.


About Det Lille Økori

When you visit Det Lille Økori, you might meet the farm owners Sissel and Anders, while they are harvesting today’s vegetables. If you ask, they might give you tricks on how to use the fresh ingredients in cooking.

The idea to open a micro farm erupted from the desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle, spend more time in nature, and offer fresh vegetables to the local area. At Det Lille Økori they do not use heavy machinery when harvesting. Everything is grown by hand, and the focus is always to cultivate healthy soil that benefits micro-organisms and strengthens biodiversity. From the farm’s own plantation, they make different types of cut greenery that is sold during the winter period.


A part of the Kystlandet food map

Det Lille Økori is one of many local farm shops and food manufacturers that are found on the Kystlandet food map. The map is your guide to local high-quality products. From dairies to smokehouses, and orchards – in Kystlandet you will find the whole spectrum.

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