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Doris Leuschner

7 km south of Hvide Sande, just 300 metres from the sea, lies Haurvig Strandgård, an old four-lane farm where artist Doris Leuschner and her husband settled in 2021. She has set up her studio in the middle of the dunes in the farm's former barn. The gallery in the side wing, where the artist exhibits her sculptures, complements the creative atmosphere of this special place.

"As a sculptor, I am very interested in the element of water and its unique character as a habitat for animals and plants. It is not only the shapes and colors and the complex forms of life, but also the meditative silence of the water and the enormous power that the water has, which I want to make tangible through my sculptures.”

The artist creates her works from unusual materials rarely found in art: porcelain and bamboo are just two
examples of her love of experimentation. She always creates sculptures that immediately make you think of the sea.

The gallery is housed in the old farmhouse which provide a special setting. In addition to unusual porcelain, the artist's maritime sculptures can be admired and purchased here. Opening hours are often irregular. You can either can either drop by at random or book in advance by phone. (0049/1725431657 or 004552811653).

Doris Leuschner also offers private workshops for groups of 4 to 10 people in her light-filled studio.
Depending on your wishes, you can work with clay and create sculptures from different materials or even make cyanotypes (an ancient photographic technique that uses sunlight).

Want to combine your holiday with your creativity? Three holiday apartments are available for rent at the farmhouse since 2023 (booking Feriepartner). You can also book your workspace in the studio next door on an hourly basis by prior arrangement. 

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