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Dorthe Bent

The established glass artist and visual artist Dorthe Bent has her gallery and art studio in the village Ørting near Odder. Visit her store to admire her colourful work and find unique glass art for the interior décor.

Colourful and detailed glass art

Dorthe Bent specialises in glass art such as platters, bowls, and tables that have an aesthetic as well as practical function. Dorthe Bent paints the glass and sprinkles it with glass powder and broken glass. Glass encompasses a wide range of potential expressions – the art can be simple, rustic, and filled with many small unique details.

In the gallery you can purchase glass platters, adornments, glass paintings for the wall, and glass sculptures.

At Dorthe Bent’s website you can see a selection of her glass artwork. Feel free to contact Dorthe Bent with special requests and enquiries.


Beautiful landscape painting

Dorthe Bent also creates visual art in the shape of abstract and experimental landscape paintings. She expresses the atmosphere of the scene by means of a special presentation of light and an abstract use of patterns and layers. The walls of the gallery are filled with paintings, and you can also see a selection of beach paintings on her website.


Glass workshops for groups

Would you like to try Dorthe Bent’s special technique for creating glass art? She offers courses and workshops for groups of 5-10 participants in her art studio. At the workshops you will learn about the potential of the cold glass by cutting, painting, and sprinkling with crushed glass the Dorthe Bent way.

Read more about the workshops on the website (in Danish) or contact Dorthe Bent to learn more.

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