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Døstrup Church

Admission by appointment only with the sexton Henning Schweer, Genforeningsvej 10, Skaerbaek or the vicar. The strict Gothic crucifix from about 1250 illustrates Christ surrounded by a halv rosary, while the 200 years younger crucifix is quite simple work with a combersome figure. The forfront of the altarpiece is a dignified wood carving work from the 1500 th. At the stairs to the pulpit is an inscription, penned by Johan Peter Brorson, which has been priest in Døstrup from 1754 - 1791. Furthermore there is an epitaph about the priests in Døstrup parish from 1500 to 1600, as well as a plate showing, that in a period of more than 300 years the priests in Døstrup came from the same family.

In 1904 a Sct. Laurentius altar plate was given to the Museum of Taulow (now in Gottorp) for a period of 99½ years against a deposit of DM 1500,-. The plate can return to Døstrup in 2004, if the parish is able to pay this sum back - without interest.

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