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Ene Øjesten the Troll

In Børkop, the troll Ene Øjesten by Thomas Dambo is hiding. Explore the nature of Børkop and find the hidden artwork.

All around the world, you can find wooden artworks by Thomas Dambo, and there is also one in Børkop. All trolls are made of recycled wood and each has been given a name and a story.

The troll in Børkop is called Ene Øjesten. Her story is that she has wandered around the area where she found a magical stone. The stone is completely flat and has a hole in the middle. With the stone, Ene can see into the future.

Go on a troll hunt

To find the troll, you need to explore the area. You can get help by looking at the map on this website: Trollmap — By Thomas Dambo

We recommend that you park near Børkop Watermill and start your journey from there.

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