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The Faaborg Girl - No. 1

The Faaborg Girl stands slightly hidden in the northwest corner of the sports field.

She is one of Gerhard Henning's significant works, an order from the New Carlsberg Foundation, who wanted to donate a sports girl to the stadium in Faaborg.

It was first a draft in unburned clay, which now stands in Glyptoteket.
He later modelled the full-size figure, but was so dissatisfied with the result that he knocked it down and started over.

The Faaborg Girl was created from clay to bronze from 1940 to 1942. She was erected in July 1945.
Over the years, attempts have been made to move the Faaborg Girl out of the "closed" stadium to a place where she is more visible. Unfortunately, we have not yet succeeded.

Artist: Gerhard Henning (1880-1967).

Height 190 cm, Width 42 cm and Depth 63 cm

Continue 3.5 km to sculpture no. 2.

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