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Family Time at Dallund Castle Lake

Do you need a relaxed family trip to a new and exciting place? Dallund Castle Lake is a good choice with a playground, a good walk and a beautiful view!

  • Bring lemonade or hot cocoa and pack delicious snacks.
  • Remember rubber boots, and in the cold season, a scarf, hat, gloves, and practical shoes!
  • Find the parking lot at Dallund Castle just outside Søndersø on Nordfyn.
  • Start your walk with a race down the path, where the walk truly begins.

Stop by SuperBrugsen in Søndersø to stock up on supplies on your way to Dallund Castle.

A family walk around Dallund Lake takes both young and old on an adventurous journey into the embrace of nature. Begin your adventure on the fine path that surrounds the sparkling castle lake. You can choose to bring a nature adventure with you on the go by downloading the free Nature Tales app. This way, children can experience an adventure on the walk - as easy as child's play.

Early on the walk, children will enjoy the sight of a playful stream where you can see small water creatures and plants. The adventure continues up to the lookout tower, a place to explore, where you'll have a phenomenal view of the entire area. After the tower, a fun surprise awaits: a fitness playground where the family can play and be active together - who can jump from stump to stump the fastest?

Continuing along the path, you'll reach the viewpoint where you can clearly see Dallund Castle, standing majestically with the beautiful lake in the foreground. Take your time to admire the castle's architecture and the surrounding nature.

Finish your walk behind the castle while enjoying the view of the impressive building.

Practical info


Parking at Dallund Castle (Dallund Slot) is located at Dallundvej 63, 5471 Søndersø. Please note that you can only walk around the lake and are not allowed to enter the castle's garden.


The nearest restroom is at the town park in Søndersø, Toftekær 7, 5471 Søndersø, 2 km away.

Alternatively, there is a restroom at the Glavendrup Grove, Stenager 12, 5485 Skamby, 3.4 km away.

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