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Fiddler music at Abelines Gaard

Enjoy an extraordinary experience during your visit to Abelines Gaard this Sunday at 2pm, where you can enjoy your coffee and cake to the sound of real fiddler music as a group of fiddlers play cosy tunes that add a musical touch to the experience.

You can experience fiddler music at Abelinges Gaard at 14:00 on 23 June, 4 August and 29 September.

The fiddlers perform in varying line-ups and consist of:
Violin: Anders Løager, Helge Ramsing
Double bass: Jens Peder Knudsen
Guitar: Peter Smidt
Accordion: Jørgen Nickelsen, Niels Hykkelbjerg, Vibeke Smidt and Jan Ilsø

Free when the entrance fee is paid.

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