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Fire Tyve

Fire Tyve is a natural wine bar on Rentemestervej in Nordvest. Here you can taste great wines and delicious small dishes accompanied by the hip backyard atmosphere of Demokrati Garage.

On Rentemestervej in Nordvest, old neoclassical industrial buildings live in symbiosis with coffee shops, theatres, and galleries with exciting contemporary art. And even though the street scene is dominated by coffee drinkers and pastry enthusiasts, the industrial heritage of the neighbourhood can still be sensed in the names of the former production buildings.

In the hip backyard of Demokrati Garage you'll find the building called “the shock absorber”, referring to the time when the premises were used as a mechanic's workshop. However, it's no longer shock impulses that need to be absorb and dampened here, and you can instead absorb wine, small dishes, and a crazy good atmosphere. The building is namely the home of the wine bar Fire Tyve.

Fire Tyve is a wine bar with a focus on natural wines, and even though this is a divisive topic, the wine bar offers a wide menu with something for everyone. The menu changes frequently, so you can be sure to expand your wine horizons from time to time.

The wine bar is centered around sustainability, and not just when it comes to wine. You will therefore also find small, delicious dishes on the menu that are made from locally sourced ingredients from suppliers that contribute to transparency and the ecological development of food production.

The garage's hip backyard vibe, draped with string lights and bench seating, sets the perfect atmosphere, which the wine bar brilliantly utilizes when they welcome the local community and the rest of Copenhagen's guests to talks, concerts, workshops, market days, wine tastings and much more. You can keep up to date with Fire Tyve's events on their Instagram.

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