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Fishing in Gram Å

Fishing is allowed on sections of both the north and south sides of the lake.

Fishing in Beautiful Surroundings

Go fishing at Gram Å, which is one of the most beautiful rivers in Southern Jutland, as the river winds almost unhindered through the beautiful nature. It is also one of the longest rivers in Southern Jutland.

The river originates north of Christiansfeld, after which it merges with Gels Å and flows into the Wadden Sea at Kammerslusen as Ribe Å. The water is quite clean in the upper part, and there is a rich flora and fauna in the river. You can hear the nightingale and the monk, singing their melodies.

In Gram Å, you can fish from April 16 to October 31, both days inclusive, and all artificial lures as well as worms are allowed. Salmon and sea trout are protected throughout the year.

Minimum sizes:

Sea trout: 40 cm. Brown trout: 30 cm. Pike: 60 cm. Eel: 45 cm.

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