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Fishing in Slivsøen

The fishing:  Slivsø or Slibsø, as it was called in the past, was Southern Jutland’s third largest lake until the 1950s. It was drained for more than 40 years. Water was pumped away from the area, so that the land could be cultivated. Now it’s flooded once again and worth a visit with your family and fishing rod.

Fishing course: The fishing course consists of around 1km of the northern bank of Slivsø as well as the middle part of the lake, where sailing is allowed. You are not permitted to bring your own boat. To loan boats from the boat club, Slivsø Bådlaug, ask at Spar Købmanden in Hoptrup 

Fishing period: From the first Sunday after 15 January to 15 November.

Permitted bait: Artificial bait and worms.

Smallest sizes:

Salmon           40cm
Sea trout         40cm
Trout (lake)     40cm
Brown trout     40cm
Pike                60cm to 75cm, must not be taken home
Perch              19cm
Walleye           50cm
Carp               60cm

Eel                  45cm


Special rules:  

Fishing with roe is not permitted.

2 rods per person only.

Ice fishing is not permitted.


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