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Fiski - Fish shop in Bagenkop

Fresh fish, smoked products & delicacies

FISKI: A celebration of fresh fish and local specialities in Bagenkop

In the charming harbour town of Bagenkop in South Langeland, you'll find FISKI, a fish shop owned by Tina and Ivan with a passion for fresh fish and local specialities.

Focus on freshness and quality

When you enter FISKI, you are greeted by an inviting selection of fresh fish landed directly from the sea and processed in the shop. You'll find everything from classic Danish fish like plaice and cod to more exciting species like turbot and brill. The quality is always top notch, and Tina and Ivan are on hand with expert guidance and inspiration for the perfect fish for your dinner.

Smoked products and delicacies for every taste

In addition to fresh fish, FISKI also offers a tantalising selection of smoked delicacies. Side dishes are also catered for, with an exciting selection of salads, homemade fish cakes and fish burgers, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

FISKI - more than just a shop

FISKI is a place where you can feel the passion for fish and good craftsmanship. Tina and Ivan take pride in offering their customers the best experience and are always ready to help you find the perfect fish for any occasion.

Visit FISKI and discover:

  • A large selection of fresh fish, smoked products and delicacies
  • High quality and focus on local ingredients
  • Expert guidance and inspiration from Tina and Ivan
  • Possibility of delivery to your doorstep

FISKI - your guarantee for a true flavour experience!


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