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Fole Vandrespor

Hiking trail near Gram Castle Town

In a small country village called Fole, near Gram Castle Town, you can hike on the trail that starts close to Fole Friskole (school). Park your car in the car park at Folevej 29, 6510 Gram. There are two trails, signposted with red and green arrows respectively. The red trail covers 8 km, the green trail 6.2 km. At certain times of the year, you may have to deviate from the signposted routes.

Please remember that you are a guest of the landowner. The trail is open only for pedestrian traffic. Parts of the trail are suitable for hikers. Depending on weather conditions and plant growth, passage may sometimes be narrow and difficult. Please take good care of our natural environment, keep your dog on a leash and take your waste home with you. The trail is not open to cyclists. The trail is closed from time to time, e.g. in the hunting season.

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