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Forest site Syvstjernen at Gråsten

In the forest, Gråstenskovene, you'll find this large campsite with shelters reserved for groups.

Gråsten Forest is an exciting forest with many small lakes and brokes, which are cutting through the landscape.

The site has 7 shelter which can accommodate 35-40 persons. There is a fire place, benches and a composting toilette - bring your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

The site lies in a beech wood about 4 km west from Gråsten. Entrance from Ravnsbjergvej, and about 800 m down the forest road. The arrow marks show the way from the parking ground by Ravnsbjergvej.

This forest camp site is reserved for larger groups and must be booked in advance. For booking visit the homepage of Naturstyrelsen booking

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