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Fredericia Ramparts

The Ramparts of Fredericia are among Northern Europe's oldest and most well-preserved fortifications.

A green oasis in the heart of Fredericia

Relive history and enjoy the incredible nature at Fredericia Ramparts. Formerly an active defence site, the Ramparts have been protected since 1917 and today comprise one of the largest urban parks in Denmark.

Fredericia Ramparts serve as a nature park, a historical information area and a cultural meeting place. With a total of 18 kilometres of trails, there are plenty of opportunities to discover the varied flora and fauna of this beautiful natural area.

The perfect destination for a day out

The Ramparts have several high lookout points where you can stop and enjoy the fantastic view of Fredericia town and Little Belt. Experience Fredericia from above from the top of the White Water Tower!

If you need a rest or a break on your tour of the Ramparts, there are plenty of opportunities for that too – bring a picnic or have lunch at the many table and bench sets around the hiking trails. Access to the ramparts is easy via the numerous up and down trails and steps around the area. The easy access helps to make the Ramparts an integral part of Fredericia town centre.

Disability friendly: The main paths of the Ramparts and several of the many ascent and descent trails are wheelchair and pushchair friendly. The paths are gravelled. Disabled parking is available on the avenue "Ved Landsoldaten".

Planned events and guided tours

For more information about Fredericia's attractions and planned events, read on here. VisitFredericia offers guided tours of the Ramparts all year round – book a place on one of the scheduled tours, or book a private tour.

Explore Fredericia Ramparts on your own steam

The Ramparts’ trail system is ideal for hiking. Explore on your own steam or try one of the many set routes and discover even more about the Ramparts. There are both traditional walking routes and interactive experiences. Read more about the many different routes here!

Plan your next trip to the Ramparts: See map and leaflet with information about Fredericia Ramparts here!

Great nature experiences

The many trails of the Ramparts pass wild hawthorn thickets, the low-lying areas around the moats, the Playground of the Ramparts and grassy areas. Whatever the season and weather conditions, the Ramparts are always worth a visit.

In early spring, you may encounter toads making their way down to the moats, and in summer you may spot bats at dusk, diving for insects across the moat water. If you're lucky, you might even spot a woodpecker or a deer on your walk!

Fredericia's best beach

Combine a walk in nature with sand between your toes: The family-friendly beach Østerstrand is located directly next to Fredericia Ramparts. Here you can take a dip in the blue water, visit the Urbania Beach Bar or try out some of the many activities on offer along the beachfront.

Shopping and cafés within walking distance

The Ramparts of Fredericia have multiple trails and steps that make them an integral part of Fredericia town centre. Thanks to these, moving between the Ramparts and Fredericia's cosy centre is quick and easy.

The Ramparts are just a few minutes' walk from Fredericia's pedestrian streets and the new canal district of Fredericia called Kanalbyen. The location of the Ramparts around the town centre creates a unique opportunity to combine a nature walk with shopping and café visits!

Fortifications and ramparts

Fredericia was founded in 1650 as a strategically located fortification with ramparts and functioned as an active fortress until 1909.

The fortification of Frederiksodde, which later became Fredericia, was built according to a new urban planning trend, where instead of adding a new fortification to an existing town, a new town and a new fortification were founded as a single unit. Fredericia is one of the very few Danish towns founded in this way! The construction of the large rampart was carried out with shovels and wheelbarrows by peasants, soldiers and convicts.

The total circumference of the fortress is 4,600 m divided into three parts: The main part of the rampart line towards the land side and Øster Vold and Søndre Vold, which are located towards the water. In extension of the rampart line are 7 whole and 2 half bastions.

Experience the history of the Ramparts

A visit to Fredericia Ramparts not only immerses you in beautiful scenery, but also in Danish history. The Ramparts have played a key role in several of Denmark's wars over the years, and you can even see the old cannons used to defend the country. Parts of the Ramparts, such as the King's Bastion, have also been cleared of trees and have low-lying grass, so that the sharp lines of the rampart sides and the impressive bastions that give Fredericia Ramparts its distinctive angular appearance can be better perceived.

During your visit to Fredericia Ramparts, you can also say hello to the bronze statue of the Brave Soldier. The soldier's monument, the first in the world to honour the efforts of the private soldier, is an important part of the Frederician identity. You will find the statue on Landsoldatpladsen between Prinsessens Bastion and Prins Georgs Bastion.

See a map of Fredericia Ramparts here!

Read more about Fredericia's exciting history

If you're curious, you can read much more about the Ramparts’ fascinating history here! You can also delve into the circumstances behind the Battle of Fredericia in 1849 during the First Schleswig War, which resulted in one of the most important victories in Danish military history. Victory plays a major role in the town's self-awareness and is celebrated every year with the 6th of July celebrations.

Parking in Fredericia

Parking is available along the inner side of the Ramparts as well as in the town centre. The Norgesgade Nord car park, the car park along Øster Voldgade and the car parks at Landsoldatpladsen are all close to the Ramparts.


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