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Frederiksværk City Camping & Hostel

In the middle of the old industrial town, Frederiksværk you find Frederiksværk City Camping & Hostel. From here there is a walking distance to pretty much everything you need to see and experience in Frederiksværk.

With Frederiksværk Camping and Hostel as a starting point, there is a myriad of possibilities, regardless of whether the interests fall within art or history.

Frederiksværk Camping & Vandrerhjem offers many activities. The closeness to the city centre of Frederiksvaerk, with horse-carriages and walk-around-village tours, give you a fantastic experience. It is only 45 km to the capital, Copenhagen - a short drive from the camping site you also find Frederiksborg Castle, Kronborg Castle and Louisiana Art Gallery

Liseleje Beach, located 6 km from Frederiksværk Camping & Vandrerhjem, is one of the best beaches on the north coast. Nature is always just around the corner, and the camping site is situated between three bodies of water; Arresøen, Roskilde Fjord and the north coast. 3 km from Frederiksværk Camping you find Tisvilde Hegn, ideal for long walks in the forest.

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