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Fru Pedersens Have - Visitor Garden

In 2019, Fru Pedersen's Have at Vemb was awarded the Garden Society's CPH Garden Award in the Garden Experience of the Year category.

Mrs. Pedersen's garden near Vemb in West Jutland is an 11,000 square meter country garden in the style of an English cottage garden. The garden exudes romantic atmospheres, with intriguing sheds, gazebos, and 5 different caravans that can be booked for overnight stays/glamping.

Throughout the garden, you will find cozy still lifes/arrangements in the various nooks and crannies. This is a garden where life is lived, with everything a gardener’s heart could desire: water features, raised beds, flowers, lush vegetation, covered terraces, and playhouses. There is a great diversity of plants and a rich wildlife in the garden.

The garden is a great inspiration for visitors. Mrs. Pedersen's garden is particularly well-suited as a destination for bus tours, with the option to enjoy brought-along food and drink in the garden. The garden is also wheelchair accessible. Dogs on leashes are welcome.

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