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Fun Art Blokhus - Krolf

As something new in 2024, you can try out Fun Art Blokhus' brand-new krolf course. Krolf is a fun blend of golf and croquet, where you use a mallet to hit a ball that is about the size of a tennis or croquet ball.

Here you play on a course that resembles a golf course, but with croquet-like gates and obstacles, making it a fun activity for the whole family. Krolf doesn’t require the same physical strength as traditional golf, so everyone can join in.

You start each of the 12 holes at a tee box, and the goal is quite simply to get the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible. The player who completes all holes with the fewest strokes wins the round.

It takes about an hour to play a round of krolf, and we recommend 2-6 people per team for the best experience.

At Fun Art Blokhus, great experiences are guaranteed, and our krolf course is specially designed so there's always a chance for a hole-in-one. 

But that's not all Fun Art Blokhus has to offer. You can also test your skills in mini-golf, play petanque, or try football golf. If you're feeling more creative, you can let your imagination run wild at Fun Art Ceramics and create your own masterpieces.

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