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A fun day in Fyn's Sommerland

Visit the very special Fyn's Summerland and experience a day filled with fun and activities for the whole family!

  • Get up early and enjoy a good breakfast to get plenty of energy.
  • Make a packed lunch with local ingredients, e.g. bison sausage and fresh bakery bread.
  • Visit Fyns Sommerland for a fun and active day. Eat the packed lunch at a cozy picnic area or buy food in the park.
  • Order take-away from one of Nordfyn's restaurants or cafés on the way home.

Where to go if you're in the mood for a day filled with lots of fun and action?

Start the day by getting up early and enjoying a good, healthy breakfast that gives you plenty of energy for all the fun that awaits. Pack a lunchbox with fresh, local ingredients – imagine, for example, a tasty bison salami from Ditlevsdal Bison Farm and freshly baked bread from the Bogense Baker. You can find an overview of the different local farm shops and delicacies here.

Now you're ready to head towards Fyn's Summerland, where a world of fun and exciting activities awaits. There are lots of fun activities that bring the whole family together and make you forget all about checking your phone: From zip lines and zorbing to pentathlon, canoeing and kayaking, mooncars, obstacle courses, and much more. When you get hungry, you can enjoy your delicious lunchboxes in one of the cozy and quiet picnic areas. If you skipped packing a lunchbox, you can also buy lunch in the park – and of course, an ice cream or a cup of coffee later in the day.

After a lovely and active day, you'll undoubtedly be tired, so consider taking take-away home from one of North Funen's good restaurants and cafés.

We wish you a great day!

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There is free parking at Fyns Sommerland, located at Fjellerupvej 81, 5560 Aarup. You can find opening hours and prices at fynssommerland.dk

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