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Galten Church

Galten Church is inspired by a German mountain church and was consecrated in 1884. Shortly before the new church was built, the original Romanesque church from mid-1100 was demolished. Among other things the baptismal font originates from this church.  The building of the new church cost at the time DKK 25.000.

Galten Church is constructed in red bricks above a plinth of two courses of granite. The roof, which has small ornamental twigs, is covered with slates. The facades are separated by down-scaling supporting pillars and decorated by a round arch frieze and dentils cornice. The nave has eight round arch windows.

The tower ends in an octagonal top with round arch sounding holes and a pyramidal spire. The altar is designed by the church architect who also designed the altar rails. The heavy altar top is supported by new Romanesque pillars.

The pulpit is also of the same age as the church and is designed by the architect C. V. Puch. It is made of oak on a granite plinth with a supporting pole of four combined pillars.

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